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Germany has been known to be the technological and economic powerhouse of the Europe. German universities have drawn a large number of international students since the last couple of decades. The universities for higher education are dispersed all over the country. The proximity of these universities to industrial plants and various research centres provide an opportunity for students to find employment and stay in the same city. German universities offer over 350 English-taught courses available in varying domains.

There are countless reasons to study in Europe’s start-up capital including the high graduate employment rate (91%)* and the high average starting salary of €45,000 for graduates**. Berlin has also been rated as one of the top student study destinations by the Class of 2020. 

Once you’ve graduated, you’ll be eligible to apply for an 18-month post-study residence permit, allowing you to stay in Germany to find work. Graduates that successfully find employment and work full-time have the opportunity to earn back roughly 97% of their tuition fees. 

Why Germany?

Higher education in Germany

In Germany, higher education are offered at three types of Higher Education Institutions.

  • Universities (Universitäten)
    These institutions offer the whole range of academic disciplines. In the German tradition, universities focus in particular on basic research so that advanced stages of study have mainly theoretical orientation and research-oriented components.
  • Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen)
    These institutions concentrate their study programmes in engineering and other technical disciplines, business-related studies, social work, and design areas.
    The common mission of applied research and development implies a distinct application-oriented focus and professional character of studies, which include integrated and supervised work assignments in industry, enterprises or other relevant institutions.
  • Universities of Art/Music (Kunst- und Musikhochschulen)
    These institutions offer studies for artistic careers in fine arts, performing arts and music; in such fields as directing, production, writing in theatre, film, and other media; and in a variety of design areas, architecture, media and communication.



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